The Most Christian Person I’ve Ever Met

Teresa of Avila Turns 500

Teresa of Avila: Interior Castle: Seventh Mansions: Chapter Three

[She] has now died, full of joy at having found rest, and within her lives Christ. Let us see what her new life is like, and how different it is from her earlier one. (Teresa of Avila)

He worked the soul like he worked the land
He spoke in ways that anyone could understand 
Simple words of simple faith 
And when it came to love 
He would go out of his way
A helping hand 
A soothing chat 
And he practiced what he preached imagine that  (Michael W. Smith)

The metaphor of death and new life is common in spiritual literature. In order to have new life, we must die to our previous existence. Sometimes this death is nearly imperceptible, other times it’s significant events like a book, an illness, or a person that catalyzes our transformation.

About twenty years…

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