Why Are They Driving Soooooo Slow?

Teresa of Avila Turns 500

Why are they driving so slow? “They” is probably grammatically incorrect unless we’re talking about more than one vehicle. If it’s only one vehicle, the question is only correct if two or more people are driving the same vehicle at the same time – which might explain why they’re driving so slowly. We could ask: Why are you driving so slowly? We’ve corrected some of the grammar, but it doesn’t help much because he or she probably can’t hear you. If the driver can hear you and if he or she is having that much problem driving, we shouldn’t be asking them questions.

Actually, slow drivers don’t bother me too much, but here’s what does bother me. It’s the person at the soda machine trying to make sure all the foam subsides in their cup repeatedly so they can fill their cup to the brim with liquid before moving…

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