Florence Italy – Museum of San Marco

Museum of San Marco

My wife and I just returned from two weeks in Europe. It occurred to me that some of the places we visited would have interest to the readers of this blog. So before we jump back into to the Interior Castle (in about a week or so), I will share a few posts from Florence, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.

The first of these is the Museum of San Marco in Florence, Italy. Fra Angelico was a Dominican friar and early Renaissance painter. Some his most important works are at the Convent of San Marco where he painted over 50 frescoes for private and communal meditation. His spiritual devotion, skill as a painter, and influence on the Renaissance deserves admiration. Janet took some nice photos of the frescoes. She also caught my shadow in one of the rooms emphasizing the monastic feel of San Marco.


image image image


image image image  image



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2 comments on “Florence Italy – Museum of San Marco
  1. Beautiful pictures Dave – must’ve better in person!

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