A Black Dog, a Cheerful Priest, and an Unresponsive Walker

I wrote this a few years ago on the value of silence, meditation, and reflection.

Teresa of Avila Turns 500

Prayer and Meditation Part II

When I go to my place of solitude I regularly see the same man walking his black dog. I drive slowly and carefully because, at dawn, his dog is hard to see. As I pass the dog’s owner I wave but never get a response. I think he should be friendlier, after all, this is Minnesota. If he doesn’t want to be friendly he could at least appreciate my concern for his unleashed dog and give me a “thanks for not running over my dog” courtesy wave. Maybe he thinks a wave might invite some weird conversation or confrontation, yet, after several years, you would think familiarity would at least produce a head nod.

I made a rare trip to a Catholic church for a First Communion service. The church service was simple and the sound system lacked sound. I am not used to this…

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2 comments on “A Black Dog, a Cheerful Priest, and an Unresponsive Walker
  1. rabirius says:

    I think the dog story is quite interesting and makes me wonder what the reasons of the owner are. But I think we can only guess.

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