Quotations: Part Ten

I’ve been sharing quotations on Facebook and then recapping on this blog. These quotations typically come from my own reading/learning/listening and therefore have significant meaning in my life (or at least to a life I aspire to).


Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.

― Alain de Botton


We cannot be too careful about the words we use; we start out using them and they end up using us.

― Eugene H. Peterson


There’s another story about wounds and repair . . . It’s about the Japanese art of kintsugi, which literally means golden repair. It’s a method of mending broken ceramic vessels with a bond made of powdered gold mixed with lacquer. The result turns the breaks into veins and channels of gold, emphasizing rather than hiding that the vessel has been broken and making it precious in another way than it was before. It’s a way to accept that things will never be what they were but that they can become something else with a different kind of beauty and value. 

― Rebecca Solnit: Recollections of My Nonexistenc


“You are more likely to learn something by finding surprises in your own behavior than by hearing surprising facts about people in general.” 

― Daniel Kahneman


Before diagnosing people with depression, make sure they’re not surrounded by assholes.

— Lori Gottlieb: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone


Days pass and the years vanish and we walk sightless among miracles.

― Source unknown / Quoted by Dani Shapiro / Interview: From The Inside Out Podcast with Rivkah Krinsky and Eda Schottenstein.

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