Quotations: Part Seven

I’ve been sharing quotations on Facebook and recapping on this blog. These quotations typically come from my own reading/learning/listening and therefore have significant meaning in my life (or at least to a life I aspire to).


“Sometimes birds return to their cages when the door is open, sometimes people free to make their own choices choose to abandon that power.”  – Rebecca Solnit: Recollections of My Nonexistence


“Perfectionism is the belief that something is broken – you. So you dress up your brokenness with degrees, achievements, accolades, pieces of paper, none of which can fix what you think you are fixing.” ― Edith Eger


“[T]he sky is more shades of blue than you can count as it fades from where the sun is to the far side where other colors are happening. If you look away for a moment you miss a shade for which there will never be a term, and it is transformed into another and another. The names of the colors are sometimes cages containing what doesn’t belong there, and this is often true of language generally, of the words like woman, man, child, adult, safe, strong, free, true, black, white, rich, poor. We need the words, but use them best knowing they are containers forever spilling over and breaking open. Something is always beyond.” – Rebecca Solnit: Recollections of My Nonexistence


“There is a difference, I point out to them, between self-blame and self-responsibility, which is a corollary to something Jack Kornfield said: “A second quality of mature spirituality is kindness. It is based on a fundamental notion of self-acceptance.” In therapy we aim for self-compassion (Am I human?) versus self-esteem (a judgment: Am I good or bad?).”   – Lori Gottlieb: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone


“When I think of the wisest people I know, they share one defining trait: curiosity. They turn away from the minutiae of their lives—and focus on the world around them. They are motivated by a desire to explore the unfamiliar. They are drawn toward what they don’t understand.” – Dani Shapiro


“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.” – Ursula K. Le Guin 

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  1. rabirius says:

    Excellent. I really like the quotes.

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