Who Will Save the City?

The prophet walked by the closed-down hardware store when he saw his friend “the businessman”. The businessman saw the prophet and sprinted away faster than the prophet had ever seen anyone run. The prophet then drove up the hill to the restaurant on east end of town:

“What would you like today?”
“I’ll take two tacos and a Coke.”
“Would you like your Coke in the can?”
“No – I’ll just drink it at the table.”

The prophet looked down Main Street from his table in the restaurant. He noticed a tall steeple on one of the downtown churches. He then knew what was going to happen: The steeple was going to fall. Just then, the steeple tipped over into the street and shattered everywhere.

There was a poor woman in the city (who was also a prophet). She came and cleaned up all the pieces of the steeple. Somehow she was able to fit the whole steeple into her wheelbarrow. No one appreciated the woman’s great wisdom and skill and how she kept the city safe.

She took the shattered steeple to the businessman and gave it to him. The businessman was able to sell the shattered steeple at a profit. The woman didn’t care because she knew this would create jobs for her friends. The businessman gave 3% of his profits to charity because he feared the prophet. This fear amused the prophet because this prophet does not make judgments, only observations.

Later that month, the prophet met with one of his friends who did not know he was a prophet. She was outraged! She was outraged because they did not care for the steeple. She was outraged because they exploited the poor woman. She was outraged because the businessman was making a profit from the shattered steeple.

The prophet then wondered: What if a great sickness comes and makes the poor woman ill? Who, then, will care for the city? Will outrage alone save us?

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  1. I like this post a lot! Great job!

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