Reflections of Writing: Part Three

Today is Teresa of Avila’s 500th Birthday. It also means I’ve been blogging for two years. I thought about writing for several years before I actually began the blog. I finally narrowed the scope of my content and decided to write about Teresa of Avila’s book The Interior Castle. Several months before I actually began the blog I set a date to begin. I chose March 28, 2013 since it was Teresa’s 498th birthday. My intent was to blog about The Interior Castle for two years culminating on her 500th birthday. I would then write about leadership and/or relationships. Those topics have been slightly delayed since I haven’t completed The Interior Castle.

Prior to March 28, I set up the blog and spent time studying the Interior Castle. By March 27 I had my first blog post ready. Early on the morning of March 28 I read my post one more time and pushed the publish button. A few minutes later Janet (my wife) rushed down the stairs. Our daughter and son-in-law just let us know their first baby, David, was born.

David shares a birthday with Teresa of Avila. He also shares a birthday with Lady Gaga — but that has nothing to with the blog. You might have also noticed the name David. We have quite a few “Daves” in our family. I’m Dave. My son-in-law is Dave. His Dad is Dave. Our grandson is Dave. Altogether we have three grandchildren and between them they have three grandpas named Dave.

So here’s a big birthday wish to my grandson David who turns two today. And another birthday wish to Teresa of Avila who turns 500.


David (Tuscany 2014)

I’m not aware of any Teresa of Avila connection, but I’ll also add Magnolia (David’s little sister).


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10 comments on “Birthdays
  1. Tim says:

    Congratulations Dave. It is amazing that two years have already passed. I have certainly benefited from your and Teresa’s thoughts. Blessings always.

  2. Congratulations Dave
    May the Lord grant many more fruitful years.

  3. Two years, wow. Congratulations, Dave. I am glad to have joined you on your blogging journey. I have an Uncle Dave so we have at least one in my family by that name. You have a beautiful family.

  4. Dave Small says:

    It’s always great to hear from you Christy. I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Resa says:

    Interesting! Happy birthday all around!
    Dave’s adorable, and Magnolia’s a heart breaker.

  6. Congrats on your milestone, D. (Very close to mine. I just passed my 2nd blogoversary.) Glad to know more of your backstory. Little D is precious. =)


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