Spiritual Locutions and Our Character

Interior Castle: Sixth Mansions: Chapter Three We’ve been learning about spiritual “locutions” [direct messages/personal revelation]. Yet where do these locutions come from? Do they come from God, our imagination, or the devil? This is our ninth post* on discerning the source of these locutions. In this section, Teresa teaches if the locution comes from God it will leave us with certain attitudes and mindsets.

  • Direct messages from God leave us humble. If locutions breed pride and confusion, they did not come from God.
  • Direct messages from God leave us more aware of our sins. Sin awareness is not shame and preoccupation with our sins, but rather a deeper recognition of how our sin dehumanizes others and us. We gain greater clarity about what sin is (and isn’t) and why we need to make changes.
  • Direct messages from God increases self-knowledge but leaves us less self-focused. We will seek to honor of God and serve others.

God sends locutions to create intimacy with Him and develop our character. We should never make them a source of confusion, competition, or control. The greater the divine locution, the less we will esteem ourselves and the more we will love and serve others. *For other posts in this series: https://teresaofavilaturns500.wordpress.com/category/6th-mansions-chapter-3/

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2 comments on “Spiritual Locutions and Our Character
  1. Thanks Dave for dropping by my blog today and having a read…I so appreciate it. And, interestingly, read a few of your blogs about locutions was quite timely to a struggle I was in today. I absolutely love this God of ours! Many blessings…

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