Top Blog Posts of 2014: #5 Self-knowledge

Top Blog Posts of 2014

I began this blog in March 2013 and plan to complete it sometime in 2015: The fifth centenary of Teresa of Avila’s birth. You have taken the time to read some or all of these posts and, on occasion, comment or pass them on to others. I appreciate your support. Over the next few days I will countdown the top five blog posts for 2014 (based on number of user views).

#5 – Self-Knowledge:

Teresa believed self-knowledge to be a “matter of the greatest importance”. Our ability to accurately see ourselves is critically important to developing our spiritual life. Self-knowledge also benefits our social health, emotional maturity, and leadership. In this post I provide five principles of self-knowledge. (I actually published this post in June 2013. It didn’t get a lot of activity then, but now is one of the most-viewed posts on the blog.)

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