Wounded With Love

Well then, let us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, speak of the sixth dwelling places, where the soul is now wounded with love for its Spouse and strives for more opportunities to be alone and, in conformity with its state, to rid itself of everything that can be an obstacle to this solitude.

That meeting left such an impression that the soul’s whole desire is to enjoy it again. (Teresa of Avila: Sixth Mansions: Chapter One. Translation: Kavanaugh and Rodriguez)

By the time we reach the sixth Mansions of the Interior Castle we’ve likely had a brief, but powerful, “meeting” with Christ. Teresa describes this as being “wounded with love”. This experience may have happened recently or decades ago. As we contemplate this “wound of love” or “brief meeting” (Prayer of Union) we desire solitude and time in His presence to recapture those moments.

The agony of Christ’s absence creates this “wound of love”. We long to reconnect with Him. But the “wound of love” is only the beginning of a relationship. Join me in studying the sixth Mansions of the Interior Castle as we follow this “wound of love” into deeper intimacy with Christ.

*Additional Reading: The Sixth Mansions cover 11 of the 27 chapters of the Interior Castle. These chapters are essential to understanding of the book. A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Marriage as a Spiritual Metaphor. I encourage you to reread this post as it outlines the structure of the Interior Castle and the “betrothal period” of the sixth Mansions.

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