Aligning Our Will with Christ

[T]hose from whom the Lord withholds such supernatural gifts will do well to feel that they are not without hope; for true union can quite well be achieved, with the favor of Our Lord, if we endeavor to attain it by not following our own will but submitting it to whatever is the will of God. (Interior Castle: Fifth Mansions: Chapter Three)

Union with Christ is the essential thing. Sometimes God grants people spiritual favors to move them quickly and powerfully into union with Christ. But what about those who don’t receive these favors? Teresa says, “they are not without hope”. They can accomplish the same thing (and more) by aligning their wills to the will of God and daily submitting to Him. In fact, this is the preferred method to union with Christ.

The “shortcut” provided by supernatural prayer has great value. Yet, even if we receive these gifts we must still learn obedience and submission to have a thriving spiritual life.  So don’t focus on spiritual favors. Instead, focus on aligning your will with Christ.

For Aligning Our Will with Christ – Part II: Click Here


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