Seeing as Jesus Sees

I have often thought about this: I know that the torment that a certain person of my acquaintance has suffered, and suffers still, at seeing the Lord offended, is so intolerable that she would far sooner die than to suffer it. And, I reflected, if a soul that has so very little charity by comparison with Christ’s that it might be said to be almost nothing beside His felt this torment to be so intolerable, what must the feeling of our Lord Jesus Christ have been, and what a life must he have lived, if He saw everything and was continually witnessing the great offenses that were being committed against His Father? (Interior Castle: Fifth Mansions: Chapter Two)

Cheerfulness should be one of the main points of our religious life. A cheerful giver is a great giver. Cheerfulness is a sign of a generous and mortified person, who, forgetting all things, even herself, tries to please God in all she does for souls. Cheerfulness is often a cloak which hides a life of sacrifice, continual union with God, fervor, and generosity. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

As Jesus walked here on earth he continually witnessed offenses against the Father. Teresa says this “caused Him much greater grief than the pains of His most sacred Passion; for there He could see the end of His trials; and that sight, together with the satisfaction of seeing our redemption achieved through His death, and of proving what love He had for His Father by suffering so much for Him, would alleviate His pains”. The Passion had a clear purpose, end point, and result. Teresa is not minimizing the Passion. Instead, she is emphasizing the suffering Jesus experienced (and still experiences) about ongoing sin. Sin offends the Father and damages our world.

One of the indicators we are in tune with God is we see the world as Jesus sees it. We become more alert to suffering caused by things like war, human trafficking, violence, illness, crime, and poverty. We are also disturbed when families, churches, and workplaces are being destroyed by gossip, lust, discrimination, greed, resentment, and lying.

This does not mean we fall into some non-functioning funk of hopelessness. It means we cultivate a vision based on seeing the world through the eyes of Jesus. Then we embrace personal sacrifice and cheerfully bring healing to a broken world.


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2 comments on “Seeing as Jesus Sees
  1. edenpalmer says:

    Be exalted oh God above the heavens. Let Your glory be over the earth.

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