Removing Barriers

I can’t give up that quick.
My life is a candle and a wick.
You can put it out but you can’t break it down,
In the end we are waiting to be lit.  (Laura Marling)

 In the Prayer of Union, God removes three barriers to spiritual growth.

  1. God removes the “reptiles“. Reptiles are the things of the world consuming our attention and drawing us away from love, humility, and self-knowledge. Through the Prayer of Union God infuses a temporary disinterest in the things of the world. This gives us space to develop new habits.
  2. God removes internal obstacles. Our scattered thoughts and wounded memory can make spiritual growth difficult. Through the Prayer of Union God renews our minds. This gives us new perspective.
  3. God removes the devil. The devil tries to deceive us. When his lies don’t work he distracts us. But lies and distraction are only tools. His ultimate mission is destruction. Through the Prayer of Union God limits the devil’s influence. This changes the power balance and gives us greater influence to bring about good.

Teresa says, “O what a great good, a state in which this accursed one does us no harm! Thus the soul is left with such wonderful blessings because God works within it without anyone disturbing him, not even ourselves. What will he not give, who is so fond of giving and who can give all that he wants?* 

How about you? Do you still believe in the power and generosity of God?


*Translation: Kavanaugh and Rodriguez


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