One preparation for listening to Him, as certain books tell us, is that we should contrive, not to use our reasoning powers, but to be intent upon discovering what the Lord is working in the soul. (Teresa of Avila: Fourth Mansions: Chapter Three)

Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand. (Wes Westrum)

Many “people of experience” struggle to listen because they are “answer people”. They quote spiritual experts and impress others with their insights. Yet they understand little of what they talk about. Their “spiritual expertise” has not only inoculated them against other voices in the community but also to the sounds of the interior life. They’ve lost the childlike art of spiritual discovery and no longer explore what God is doing. Being an “answer person” doesn’t work in mystical prayer (or any area of life). We have to listen.

We focus on talking, controlling, and managing instead of listening. We try to control things that don’t matter. If we can’t actively control, we try to passively control by withdrawing or detaching from relationships. This is another form of not listening. You’ve probably talked to God and others about your life. But have you listened. If we listen, we may hear something important about what happens next.

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  1. eden says:

    Brilliant again! thanks Dave

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