Prayer of Recollection – A Story

Prayer of Recollection: Part Three

Back in the 80’s Sam attended a conservative church. This came with a long list of things you shouldn’t do and a much shorter list of things you could do. Then the winds of freedom began to blow.

Sam meditated on the books of Galatians and Romans. He realized the rigidity preached in his church was inconsistent with the Bible and the Christian life. While he changed his thinking, he didn’t change his lifestyle because he didn’t care that much about asserting his new freedom. But the Spirit kept prompting.

One day Sam looked for a movie. He noticed a movie he heard was good, but it had an R-rating. He knew he couldn’t get it because someone from church might see him at the checkout. Then he realized he was governing his life by the opinions of others. An inaudible voice followed saying, “I am the Lord your God and your lifestyle choices belong to me.” Sam paid for the movie and left.

That day Sam gained freedom from internalizing the judgments of others. But it went beyond this. There was also God’s “long game”. Movies turned into books, music, and architecture. This event not only gave Sam freedom, but also triggered an interest in the arts and shattered obstacles to future creativity.

Sam began his journey to freedom through meditation, but then, through the Prayer of Infused Recollection his understanding was illumined.

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