Prayer of Quiet: Part 5

In the Prayer of Quiet: “The will certainly seems to me to be united in some way with the will of God; but it is by the effects of this prayer and the actions that follow it that the genuineness of the experience must be tested”. (Teresa of Avila: Forth Mansions: Chapter 2)

[T]he Lord said to him, ‘You are old and advanced in years, and very much of the land still remains to be possessed.’  (Joshua 13)

Thirty years ago, Chris experienced the Prayer of Quiet (or some form of Mystical Prayer). His will aligned with the will of God and many immediate and lasting changes took place as he grew in love and virtue. This supernatural event was confirmed several times throughout his life. Several decades later Chris still marvels at the remarkable changes in his life. But Chris also picked up a lot of “baggage” along the way and his life, to some degree, is cluttered and undisciplined.

Recently, Chris reflected on his life. He realizes nearly every positive aspect of his relationships, character, and mission has anchors he can trace back to that Prayer of Quiet/Mystical Prayer event thirty years ago. And these anchors are as applicable today as ever. Chris learned through this reflection he does not need to search for some new and profound secret to life but rather find fresh expression of those original anchors.

Chris faces a challenge. He has more maturity and advantages than ever and this positions him for remarkable growth. But thirty years of “minor bad habits” have also solidified behaviors that are difficult to change. In some ways, the acts of faith required of Chris now are greater than ever. Will Chris act in faith and jettison the distracting “bad habits”? Will he intensify pursuit of his mission? Will Chris “fully possess the land”? Or will he decide life is comfortable and good enough?

How about you? Is it time to refresh your commitments? Much land remains to be possessed.

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