Prayer of Quiet: Part 4

Through the “enlargement of the heart . . . this heavenly water begins to flow from this source of which I am speaking—that is, from our very depths—it proceeds to spread within us and cause an interior dilation and produce ineffable blessings, so that the soul itself cannot understand all that it receives there. The fragrance it experiences, we might say, is as if in those interior depths there were a brazier on which were cast sweet perfumes; the light cannot be seen, nor the place where it dwells, but the fragrant smoke and the heat penetrate the entire soul, and very often, as I have said, the effects extend even to the body.” 

“[A]lmost fifteen years have passed since then, and perhaps the Lord has now given me a clearer realization of these matters than I had at first”. (Teresa of Avila: Fourth Mansions: Chapter 2)

Discussing supernatural or mystical prayer is challenging because:

  • Some churches condemn these experiences.
  • Some churches turn “supernatural experiences” into absurdity. Consequently, many dismiss the possibility of these experiences because of the ridiculous behavior of others.
  • Some churches are so busy with politics or “putting on a show” there is little room for supernatural experiences.

The Prayer of Quiet and other forms of mystical prayer anchor our life and personal mission because we received the guidance directly from God. The Prayer of Quiet has immediate impact but also enriches us over an extended period of time. I encourage you to reflect over your Christian experience: Has God intervened through mystical prayer? Has the passing of time put you in a better place to reflect on something that may have happened years or even decades ago?

Don’t concern yourself with what you may have lost because of the ignorance or absurdity of others. Explore what God has done and once again find your center, your mission, and your source of strength.

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