Don’t Forget the Sandwich

Prayer of Quiet: Part 2

The other day I used my lunch hour for errands. I tried to do this as efficiently as possible. I stopped by the dry cleaners (less than three minutes). Filled and washed the car (record time). Went through the restaurant drive-through and ordered a sandwich (perfectly timed to avoid a line). Had my money ready. Paid for my meal. Drove off without my sandwich. Drove to the lake to eat my sandwich. Drove two miles back to the restaurant. Went through the restaurant drive-through. Picked up my sandwich. Did not enjoy the sandwich.

For many of us the Christian life is a highly efficient and disciplined process. I commend us for that. But in the process we want to make sure we do not leave out the Holy Spirit. When we commit our lives to spiritual efficiency and accomplishment without being attentive to God’s activity — we spend time and money, but we drive off without the sandwich.

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4 comments on “Don’t Forget the Sandwich
  1. jls76 says:

    oh my, that is so you!!!! This will keep me laughing all morning. Of course that will be a Holy Spirit inspired laugh.

  2. This is a clever post. Thank you so much~ Please drop by my new baby blog and give me hints and feedback. I’m new to this ministry blog process. Blessings!

  3. Tim says:

    You are not alone Dave.

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