In all the things that have been created by so great and wise a God there must be many secrets by which we can profit, and those who understand them do profit by them, although I believe that in every little thing created by God there is more than we realize, even in so small a thing as a tiny ant. (Teresa of Avila: Fourth Mansions: Chapter Two)

For some, spirituality is about finding answers, defining the rules, and other forms of containment and control. For others, spirituality is simplicity. They listen, they explore, they discover.

Two facets of simplicity:

  • “Secrets”: The spiritual life includes secrets that pass between God and the soul. These secrets are not esoteric, but expressions of intimacy. Through these quiet whispers God reveals Himself and explains the world.
  • The “Ordinary”: We find beauty, excellence, and quality in the ordinary things of life. Teresa says, “there is more than we realize, even in so small a thing as a tiny ant.”

Simplicity reduces to expand, ignores to pay attention, and says “no” to find the “yes”. Simplicity helps you hear the secret whispers of God and discover the brilliance of the ordinary.

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One comment on “Simplicity
  1. Esther Hizsa says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

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