Spiritual Direction: Part Two

Brian attended a church that preached separation from the world and a rigid lifestyle. Even the mildest Christian music outside of hymns was from the devil. They told Brian that churches outside their circle were “worldly” and he should have nothing to do with them other than poke holes in their theology and argue with them. Brian suspected problems, but doubted his inner voice and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Brian went to Chicago for two weeks to visit his wife’s family. Near the home where they stayed, there was a small Christian bookstore run by a wise woman named Maxine. Brian stopped everyday to “debate” with her.  Maxine patiently handled Brian’s arguments like a Tai Chi master. She used his verbal energy “against him” and he kept finding himself confounded by the absurdity of his theological positions. At the same time Maxine gently planted the seeds of freedom.

The seeds of freedom grow slowly, but someday the tree blossoms. Ten years later Brian left his church. 30 minutes a day for two weeks with someone he would never see again changed his life. Maxine was a skilled spiritual director and gave Brian the antidote to the religious poison he drank.

Spiritual blindness and spiritual obedience are very different. The manipulators and immature propagate rigidity and shut down independent thought. Wise spiritual guides open the mind to love, discipline, and the possibilities of God.

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