Spiritual Favors and Love

Regarding spiritual favors: “if they come from God, they come laden with love and fortitude, by the help of which a soul can progress with less labor and grow continually in good works and virtues.” (Teresa of Avila: Third Mansions: Chapter Two)

As we near the Fourth Mansions, spiritual favors begin to play a prominent role.  Spiritual favors shatter complacency and fuel growth. Properly applied, they lead to good works, virtue, praise, love, and fortitude. Also with spiritual favors, the progress of our souls takes place with less effort. While spiritual favors add substance, Teresa says, “perfection consists not in consolations (spiritual favors) but in the increase in love”. When the immature use spiritual favors as a litmus test of spiritual health or to incite competition they do great damage.

Of course, we do not want to lose spiritual favors “through our own fault”. But sometimes God withholds them for other reasons: Teresa says, “what His Majesty denies you in this way (spiritual favors) He will give you in other ways — His Majesty knows how. His secrets are hidden deep; but all that He does will be best for us, without the slightest doubt.”

If we receive spiritual favors — fantastic. If they do not come, plan on God blessing us in other ways. But let our focus be on increasing our love.

For for more on spiritual/divine favors: see Divine Favors and Aridity.

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One comment on “Spiritual Favors and Love
  1. Esther Hizsa says:

    Thanks, Dave, this is so grounded. “Let our focus be on increasing our love.” Amen to that.

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