Summary: Third Mansions – Chapter One

To get this far into the Interior Castle we experienced “perfect misery” in battling temptations, our own weaknesses, and the tricks of Devil. Teresa celebrates this accomplishment and now encourages us to surrender our will to Jesus. Surrendering our will goes beyond living a virtuous and well-ordered life. The “Rich Young Ruler” kept all the commandments yet turned away when asked to “follow Jesus”.  (Read more)

Key Points: Third Mansions – Chapter One

Regret: Of course we regret our past sins and errors. Healthy regret inspires excellence. Unhealthy regret stimulates shame. While healthy regret can be painful, it indicates progress. As with any discipline, accurately assessing our shortcomings fuels change. (Read more)

Spiritual Favors: Spiritual favors are poor indicators of our spiritual health. Teresa says, “[I]t is to the weakest that His Divine Majesty gives favors”. Instead of focusing on favors, focus on peace, humility, resignation to His will, fortitude, and self-knowledge. A well-ordered and virtuous life is pleasing to God, but does not entitle us to spiritual favors. (Read more)

Love, Humility, and Service: Teresa centers us on the essentials of love, service, and humility. She also begins pointing us to the love relationship we can have with God. This theme becomes more prevalent as we journey deeper into the Interior Castle. Read more on service and love.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will join me as we move to Book Two of the Third Mansions.

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