When People Still Believed in the Vikings

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A long, long time ago when people still believed in The Vikings, Ed was a passionate football fan. He locked-in Sunday afternoons for the game and reserved Monday nights for Cosell, Gifford, and Merideth.  Ed and his co-workers also made weekly predictions, although Ed didn’t actually bet money because he was a fundamentalist.

When the NFL playoffs began the excitement escalated even without the Vikings playing. But when Super Bowl Sundays arrived Ed felt odd because his church had a Sunday evening service. He didn’t feel odd because he skipped church and watched the Super Bowl. He felt odd about telling his friends “he had to go to church” and miss part of the game. But Ed always went to church because it was “the right thing to do”.

Then came the December of 85: The Vikings stumbled, the Bears shuffled, and Ed walked to work. He carried a small pocket bible and for over a month he meditated on the book of Galatians. 30 minutes on the way to work and again on the way home Ed prayed verse-by-verse and contemplated each section. He soon realized the absurdity of the church “rules”. He also became concerned about the damage legalism was causing his spiritual life. One day, as Ed meditated on Galatians, he knew the Holy Spirit was telling him to skip Sunday Evening Church and watch the Super Bowl. He did.

This may seem like only a football game, but that day Ed obeyed the command of Jesus: “follow Me”. He left the self-focused world of legalism and entered into the freedom of the Holy Spirit.

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2 comments on “When People Still Believed in the Vikings
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  2. Esther Hizsa says:

    Love it. Jesus must have been so happy. After all, He created Ed to love football.

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