Summary: First Mansions, Chapter Two

I have grouped Chapter Two of the First Mansions into three categories: Sin, Self-Knowledge, and Spiritual Warfare. The blog posts for this chapter are categorized under First Mansions – Chapter Two.

Sin: We are a tree of life. When planted in the “living waters of life” we thrive spiritually and bring renewal to a battered world. When we plant ourselves in the polluted waters of sin we limit our spiritual progress and miss opportunities to give life to others.

Self-Knowledge: Progress through the Interior Castle requires even the most spiritually mature to spend time in the rooms of self-knowledge. Through self-knowledge we better understand the beauty and dignity of our souls and learn humility. One of the ways we can gain self-knowledge is to know God better. We can do this through studying the life of Jesus, reading scripture as revelation, and receiving personal revelation.

Spiritual Warfare: Three strategies of the Devil are:

  1. Getting us to believe lies: This is particularly effective when he gets us to believe lies about ourselves.
  2. Distractions: We don’t have to commit some colossal sin. If we are distracted for long periods of time the Devil has a great victory.
  3. Undermining love:  This includes focusing on the minor faults of others, not speaking out against grave sins, and gossiping.

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