Divine Favors

“perhaps God will . . . show you something of his favors that he is pleased to grant to souls, and of the difference between them . . . for there are so many of them that nobody can possibly understand them all . . . .” (Teresa of Avila: First Mansion, Chapter 1)

A couple years after I became a Christian I succumbed to legalism. My overly sensitive conscience prosecuted me daily for my sins or what I perceived to be sins.  Trying to find spiritual guidance compounded the problem because so many in my faith community could only offer solutions that kept me tethered to a legalistic approach — pray harder, read the bible more, and get more involved in church was common advice. The xenophobia, disguised as theology, of those I trusted left me fearful to consult spiritual leaders outside our faith community. All this along with my inexperience in spiritual matters left me without sound guidance.

Then, over a period of several years, I had a number of enlightening experiences with God that released me from the grip religious legalism and gave me a new life of spiritual freedom. These encounters were accompanied by a lot of meditation and contemplation. I found unmistakable clarity for my current situation as well as guidance for the future. These experiences are similar to what Teresa of Avila calls “favors”.

Favors from God are not earned. Receiving or not receiving them have nothing to do with our goodness or lack of goodness. We can, however, place ourselves where we are more likely to experience and understand these favors. This begins with prayer and mediation that Teresa says is the “door of entry” to the interior castle. As we explore the castle we find guidance and as we continue our journey we discover “the chief mansion where the most secret things pass between God and the soul.” 

I encourage you to set aside even small amounts of time for prayer, meditation, and silence. The guidance you receive will more than compensate for the time you spend.

For more on Divine/Spiritual Favors: Click Here


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2 comments on “Divine Favors
  1. sarah says:

    it seems that prayer and the other disciplines can so easily feel like a burden or duty, but with a small readjustment of the mind and heart, become something we long for and desire again. i like what you said about the favors not being only to special people, (can be easy to feel that they are only for some spiritual elite) but just putting ourself more intentionally in His presence allows us to be more receptive to His offerings

  2. smalin920 says:

    Good post! This gives me a lot to think about!

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