Happy Birthday

Teresa of Avila Turns 500 is a blog devoted to learning spiritual wisdom from The Interior Castle — a book by the 16th century Carmelite nun, Teresa of Avila.

I chose the Interior Castle for three reasons:

  1. The quality of Teresa’s insights on spiritual formation.
  2. The value of learning from “great books”. (The Interior Castle is on several lists of important books. It is part of Notre Dame’s Great Books seminars, Eugene Peterson’s lists it as one the “basics” of spiritual reading in his book Take and Read, and it is also included in 25 Every Christian Must Read by Richard Rohr.)
  3. An upcoming event: On March 28, 2015 Teresa of Avila turns 500.

Beginning today, on Teresa’s 498th birthday, and concluding on her 500th birthday I plan to explore spiritual lessons from the Interior Castle. I will focus on applying the material to modern life. This occasionally means passing over material with limited relevance to most readers. At times I may also take “seed thoughts” to places Teresa did not intend nor could not have intended as it is important to explore how her core ideas may have application 500 years later in a new context.

What this blog is not:  While I may occasionally explain the theology or context behind particular sections, this blog is not intended to be a commentary, a theological study, or scholarly work.

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2 comments on “Happy Birthday
  1. Sandi Gatlin says:

    I had planned to read this when you first put up. But, of course, life got in the way. So, as I came across it again today, I decided that I would make the time to start from the beginning and catch up with your journey. Looking forward to making myself be still, and hoping it becomes less of a chore or sometimes uncomfortable thing, and more of a desire/need/habit; an “ok” thing to do. Dave, thanks for the time and effort you have put into this.

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